Annealing temperature optimization for highly sensitive ZnO based acetone gas sensor

Arora, Anil ; Deshwal, Manish


The present research is related to the effect of temperature on the crystallinity for zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film based acetone sensor fabricated via sol-gel method. One of the critical parameters for a gas sensor is the annealing temperature of thin films which directly influences the crystallinity of a material and hence its structural properties. Thus, the present study shows the effects of annealing temperature variation over the properties related to the gas sensing behaviour for the sensor. The structural and optical properties with surface morphology have been analysed for the prepared samples. The response characteristics of the ZnO films with a thickness of 410 nm for the acetone vapour has been determined for the temperature range from 180 °C to 360 °C and the annealing temperature variation has been studied from 450 °C to 750 °C. The optimal operating temperature has been found to be 320 °C while the optimal annealing temperature as reflected by the results is 650 °C.


Acetone sensor; Annealing temperature variations; Sol- Gel; ZnO

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