Effect of nanosilica on the properties of PEI/silicone rubber blend based nanocomposites

Mishra, Ram Mani; Ahamad, Abrar ; Pandey, Kailash Nath; Rai, Jai Shanker Prasad


The aim of the present study is to prepare nanocomposites based on binary blends of poly ether imide (PEI)/silicone rubber reinforced with varied loadings of modified nanosilica particles. Nanocomposites have been prepared by melt blending process using twin screw extruder. Thermal behaviour of the developed nanocomposites has been studied with the help of TGA and DMA. Morphological properties have been visualized by SEM. Mechanical properties of the nanocomposites have been determined by universal testing machine. It has been observed that almost all the properties have been found to increase upto 25% with the incorporation of modified nanosilica particles in polymer matrices. Enhancement in various properties may be attributed to better interfacial adhesion and fairly good polymer filler interactions.


PEI; Silicone rubber; Mechanical properties; TGA; SEM

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