Static permittivity, refractive index, density and related properties of binary mixtures of pyridine and 1-propanol at different temperatures

Trivedi, C. M.; Rana, V. A.


Static permittivity and permittivity at optical frequency of pyridine, 1-propanol and their binary mixtures at nine different concentrations have been measured at 303, 313 and 323 K temperatures. The investigation of binary mixtures showed a systematic change in permittivity with change in concentration of 1-propanol in the binary mixture. Measured properties of these mixtures were used to calculate Kirkwood correlation factor and excess permittivity. Determined parameters have been interpreted in terms of molecular interaction among the molecular species of the binary mixtures. Binary mixture data of static permittivity and refractive index are compared with the predicted values of static permittivity and refractive index using various mixing rules. Comparison of various mixing rules has been expressed in terms of root mean square deviation (RMSD).


Kirkwood Correlation factor; Static permittivity; Permittivity; Optical frequency

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