MHD mixed convection boundary layer flow on a vertical permeable stretching sheet embedded in a porous medium with slip effects

Jhankal, Anuj Kumar; Jat, Ram Niwas; Kumar, Deepak


In this paper, we investigate the problem of two-dimensional MHD mixed convection flow over a vertical permeable sheet embedded in a porous medium, with partial slip condition at the boundary. The nonlinear coupled boundary-layer equations have been transformed using an appropriate similarity transformation and resulting ordinary differential equations have been solved by Runge-Kutta fourth order method along with shooting technique. The influence of magnetic parameter M, permeability parameter K, buoyancy or mixed convection parameter λ, suction parameter S, slip parameter δ and Prandtl number Pr has been studied. It is found that these parameters have essential effects on the features of flow and heat transfer. Further, the present solutions are also validated by comparing with the existing solutions.


MHD;Boundary layer mixed convection; Vertical stretching sheet; Porous medium; Partial slip

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