Selective and sensitive detection of CO gas by In2O3 thick film gas sensors

Ansari, F K; Mahanubhav, M D


This study aims to provide a better fundamental understanding of the gas sensing mechanism of In2O3 gas sensors. In the present work In2O3 powder has been derived by calcinations of In2S3 powder prepared by flux method. Thick film of In2O3 has been deposited utilizing a relatively simple and low cost screen printing technique and characterized by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. In2O3 thick film exhibits much higher sensitivity to CO at 150 °C. The corresponding sensitivity is 10.2 with good selectivity, and the response and recovery times are 6 and 14 s, respectively. The results indicate that the In2O3 thick film can be used to fabricate high performance CO sensors.


Flux method; In2O3; Screen printing technique; CO; Sensors; Thick films

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