Low loss topas based porous core single mode photonic crystal fiber for THz communications

Islam, Md. Sohidul; Samaun Reza, K M ; Rakibul Islam, Mohammad


In this paper, an extremely low loss hybrid hexagonal porous core and octagonally structured circular cladding photonic crystal fiber (PCF) for low loss terahertz (THz) wave propagation has been designed and proposed.  We have analyzed ultralow effective material loss (EML), high core power fraction and ultra-flattened dispersion in our proposed design. To investigate the transmission characteristics, perfectly matched layer (PML) is used in the outer boundary of the PCF. At an operating frequency of 1 THz, this design exhibits a low effective material loss of 0.045 cm-1 at a high core power fraction of 58.2% with 88% porosity. The proposed PCF shows dispersion variation of 0.225 ps/THz/cm. Also, this designed PCF can operate in single-mode condition successfully. It is anticipated that designed PCF can be employed in applications such as fiber optics communications, sensing and spectroscopy.


Terahertz;Porous-core; Effective material loss; Power fraction; Confinement loss; Dispersion

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