Ultrasonic assisted synthesis of activated carbon for electromagnetic shielding material from rice husk fibre

Nath, Ganeswar ; Mishra, G R ; Paikaray, R


Synthesis of any biomaterials/biocomposites for different applications like in electromagnetic wave communication, radar, satellite system needs the processing of its raw material. The suitability of raw material is a challenging task for fabrication technology depending on its type of work performed and efficiency. The surface modification/surface bleaching is performed to facilitate the fillers and matrix for good interlocking between them for improvement in mechanical strength. The material used for microwave absorption or energy storage device in low observable technology (LOT) needs good mechanical strength. The present paper encloses the treatment of raw materials like rice husk with suitable blended chemicals maleic acid with different alcohols. The optimized blended chemicals are determined by computation of different acoustic parameters with the propagation of ultrasonic wave in low frequency range. The rice husk are treated with the optimized blended solution which results in increase of porosity of the material and hence for the fabrication of composites. The element dispersion study images of untreated and treated rice husk signify the suitability of the material for synthesis of microwave absorbing materials.


Blended chemicals; Ultrasonic wave; Rice husk; Acoustic parameter; Microwave absorption

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