Dielectric dispersion study of binary mixtures of methyl ethers with water at 298.15 K using frequency domain technique

Joshi, Yogesh Sudhakar; Shinde, J B ; Rander, D N ; Kanse, K S ; Kumbharkhane, A C


A precision LCR meter along with a liquid dielectric cell have been used to measure the capacitance and resistance of the binary mixtures of methyl ethers with water at 298.15 K in the frequency range of 20 Hz to 2 MHz. The measured values are used to compute the complex dielectric permittivity ε*(ω). The parameters like complex electrical modulus M*(ω), complex electrical conductivity σ*(ω) and loss tangent (tan δ) are obtained from the complex dielectric permittivity values of the samples. The values of excess dielectric permittivity of the samples are calculated using the respective static dielectric permittivity values. The refractive indices of all the samples were measured using Abbe’s refractometer at 298.15 K. All these parameters are used to gain insight into the concentration dependent variation in dielectric and electrical properties of the binary mixtures. A dominance of electrode polarization effect in the lower frequency region is observed for all the samples studied here.


Methyl ether; LCR meter; Electrode polarization; Dielectric permittivity

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