Grounded capacitors single resistance controlled oscillator using single FTFNTA

Prasad, Dinesh ; Singh, Ravendra ; Ranjan, Ashish ; Huirem, Tarun Kumar


In this manuscript, grounded capacitor single resistance controlled oscillator using four terminal floating Nullor transconductance amplifier (FTFNTA) is presented. It requires only one FTFNTA, two grounded resistors and two grounded capacitors. Oscillation condition (OC) and oscillation frequency (OF) are solely controlled through resistors. The non-ideal behaviour of the proposed structure has also been analyzed. Sensitivity analysis shows that the proposed structure is insensitive to component variations. The simulation results have been demonstrated and discussed using a SPICE simulation using 180 nm TSMC technologies. Monte Carlo analysis is also analysed for the proposed structure.


FTFNTA; Sinusoidal oscillator; SRCO

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