Light flavor asymmetry of polarized quark distributions in thermodynamical bag model

Muruganantham, Subramanian


polarized quark distributions x(x), x(x) and x[(x)-(x)] are evaluated in the kinematic range 0.01<x<1.0 at an average value of the square of the four momentum transfer Q2=10 GeV2 using Thermodynamical Bag Model(TBM). Flavor decomposition of polarized quark distribution are evaluated as a function of x for up (u + )/(u+) and down (d+))/(d+) flavor in the kinematic range 0.033<x<0.6 at Q2=2.5 GeV2 using TBM. The calculated values are compared with the theoretical predictions of the Chiral Quark Soliton Model (CQSM) and experimental results of J Lab E99117 and HERMES Collaboration.


Polarized Distribution functions; Flavor Decomposition; Bag model

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