Growth Kinetics, Optical studies of Pure and Mg2+ Doped Nickel Cadmium Oxalate Single Crystals

Nettar, Jagannatha ; Rohith, P S ; Pradeepkumar, K V ; Mangala, M S ; Nagaraja, K P ; D’Souza, Delma


Growth of pure (nickel cadmium oxalate) and Mg2+ doped nickel cadmium oxalate (MNCO) single crystals were grown by the single diffusion gel method at room temperature, by optimizing the various growth parameters such as specific gravity of sodium meta silicate (SMS), gel pH, gel temperature, gel aging, concentration of supernatant solution and concentration of oxalic acid. The morphology and composition of elements present in the crystals were identified using SEM-EDX analysis. The FTIR study shows that the occurrences of C=O, C-O, C-C, O-H and M-O bonding within the crystal lattice. The triclinic crystal system with P-1 space group were identified using, X-ray diffraction method. The absorbance, transmittance, energy gap, refractive index (n), reflectance (R) and insulating behaviour of the grown crystals were analysed using UV-Visible spectrophotometer.


Nickel cadmium oxalate; SMS; SEM-EDX; Refractive index; Reflectance

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