Force and temperature analysis during distinct machining environment using an optimization approach

SHARMA, ANURAG ; Singh, R C; Singari, Ranganath M; Bhandakar, S L


Cryogenic cooling with liquid nitrogen has a wide field of scientific and engineering applications. The aim of the presented research work is to analyze the impact on cutting force and temperature during the LN2 single supply at (i) rake face and double supply (ii) rake and flank face of TiN coated carbide cutting tool during turning of AISI D3 steel. Taguchi based S/N ratio was used for Design of Experiments (DoE) of L18 orthogonal array. The four control factors were selected.The three factors like speed, feed and depth of cut were varied to three levels. The fourth factor was the machining condition which was varied to two levels. The cutting force and temperature were declined by 32-48% and 34-46% during the double supply of LN2 at rake and flank face as compared to single supply at rake face. The influence and percentage of contribution of each factor were found out by Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The double supply method with LN2 supply at rake and flank face had the highest effect of contribution in the percentage as 77.13% and 87.42% for cutting force and temperature respectively. The values obtained during confirmatory runs were very close to the optimized results within the limits.


Liquid nitrogen, cutting force, temperature, optimization, ANOVA

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