Silver ion conducting solid polymer electrolytes: Synthesis and ion transport studies

Chandra, Angesh ; Chandra, Archana ; Dhundhel, R S ; Thakur, Kiran ; Thakur, S S ; Basak, Subhashis ; Khan, M Z ; Bhatt, Alok


A new silver ion conducting Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) based solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) films:  (1-x) PEO: xAgCl, where 0<x<70 in wt.%, are synthesized by using a new hot-press and traditional solution-cast techniques. The electrical conductivity of the SPE increased with the concentration of salt AgCl. The optimum conducting composition (OCC): 70PEO: 30AgCl with ionic conductivity (σ) 6.0 × 107 Scm-1 have been determined at room temperature. The increase in ionic conductivity has been explained with the help of ionic mobility (µ) and mobile ion concentration (n) studies. To explain the ionic nature of the present system, ionic transference number (tion) measurement has been carried out at room temperature.


Solid polymer electrolyte; Hot-press technique; Ionic conductivity; Ionic mobility; Ionic transference number

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