A Thermomechanical Leak Valve for Ion Source

B, Lalremruata ; Lawitlang, Samuel


Our study aims to design and manufacture a robust, low-cost, reliable leak valve and, study the working characteristics to deliver a stable flow of gas. As a result, a simple thermomechanical leak valve has been developed at the Particle Accelerator Laboratory, Department of Physics, Mizoram University. The leak valve uses a mechanically actuated, stainless steel ball that provides seals against a polished stainless steel seat. Our study shows that the methodology employed in previous studies results in a varying leak rate over time, which is undesirable. Therefore, a new method is introduced for controlling the leak valve. The new methodology helps us maintain a stable leak rate/gas flow as long as we maintain the operating parameters. The amount/leak rate of molecular gas required to produce an efficient yet stable high ion beam current has also been optimized.


Thermomechanical leak valve; Particle Accelerator; Plasma; Ion Source

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