Optical and electronic properties of iron xanthate thin film

kariper, İshak afşin ; özpozan, talat


The iron xanthate thin films (IXTF) were deposited by the chemical bath deposition method on various substrates, such as amorphous glass, p and n-silicon, indium tin oxide and poly(methyl methacrylate). The structure of the films was analyzed by far-infrared spectrum (FIR), mid-infrared (MIR) spectrum and scanning electron microscope (SEM) and their structural, optical and electrical properties were examined. Electrical properties were measured using the four-point method whereas optical properties were investigated via the UV-VIS spectroscopic technique. The transmittance was found to be 70-80% at optimum deposition time and temperature (4 h, 50°C). The optical band gap of the IXTF was graphically estimated to be 3.62-3.83 eV. The resistivity of the films was calculated to be between 23.5-38.5 Ω∙cm on commercial glass depending on the film thickness and between 23.8-42.0 Ω∙cm on the other substrates. It was found that resistivity changed with film thickness. The MIR and FIR spectra of the films were in line with the literature analogues.


Thin films; chemical synthesis; electrical conductivity; optical properties

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