Physico-chemical analysis on binary liquid mixture of Nicotinic acid at different temperatures

Dange, Sudhir P; Chimankar, Omprakash P; Borkar, Pradip D


The ultrasonic velocity (u), density () and viscosity () of Nicotinic acid in methanol solutions have been investigated at 288, 298 and 308 K. From these experimental measurement, thermo acoustical parameters such as acoustical impedance (Z), adiabatic compressibility (βa), intermolecular free length (Lf), relaxation time (), internal pressure (πin) and free volume (Vf) have been computed. The variation of these acoustical parameters with molar concentration and temperature indicates the existence of strong molecular interaction in the systems studied. The acoustical analysis revealed the possibility of
intermolecular hydrogen bonding in the binary liquid solution of Nicotinic acid and Methanol.


Ultrasonic velocity; binary liquid solution; molecular interaction; hydrogen bonding

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