Characterization of on Newly Developed Hybrid Reinforced Composite of Polypropylene with Agave –Amaricana, Nano-talc and Starch

Bajwa, G S; Singari, Ranganath M; Mishra, R S


The incrementing demand for green and biodegradable material due to increased awareness and government regulations. This gives a new path to the creation of hybrid composite. This may improve the properties. In the present research work, natural fibres were extracted from Agave Americana plant, starch, and nano-talc reinforced in polypropylene matrix was used to synthesis hybrid composite by twin screw extruder. Maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene was used to enhance the compatibility between natural fibres and starch. Various samples were prepared by varying the content of natural fibres, starch and nano-talc. The prepared hybrid composite tested for its homogeneity by SEM and XRD test. The nano-talc in small content and natural fibres content of 5% gave better properties with enhanced tensile strength, and impact strength. Homogeneous and reactive mixing was reflected in SEM and FTIR, were a good indication for producing cheaper and lighter materials with enhanced mechanical performance.


Hybrid composite; Natural fibre; nanotalc; starch; FTIR; SEM; XRD

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