Broadband microstrip patch antenna of reduced sized for multiband applications

Mondal, Kalyan ; Samadder, Poulami ; Sarkar, Partha Pratim; De, Srija ; Sarkar, Shusanta


A small size wideband microstrip patch antenna is designed for S,C and X-band applications. The proposed antenna has been designed by a simple metallic patch and modified ground plane on dielectric substrate. In the ground plane, three rectangular slits are incorporated to obtain a large bandwidth of 140% (1.88 to 10.58 GHz). The proposed antenna may also be used as a multiband antenna by shifting the feeding position. The multiple numbers of frequency bands are achieved with percentage bandwidth of 80, 38, 32, 15 and 13%, respectively. The proposed antenna is simulated using Ansoft designer software. The simulated results are verified with the experimental data by standard microwave bench and network analyzer.


Radar communication; X-band; Microstrip patch; Broadband; Ansoft designer

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