Numerical study of the lattice vacancy effects on the quantum transport of four-terminal graphene nanodevice

Jafari, Azadeh


The electronic transport properties of four-terminal graphene nanodevice have been investigated by means of the Landauer approach using tight-binding model. The effects of single vacancy and divacancy on transport properties of the electron injected into the system have been studied. The existence of single vacancy along with the magnetic field creates additional band between Landau levels, this effect is appeared by enhancing the transmission. It is also found that in the presence of divacancy with small distance, the coupling between two vacancies due "vacancy molecules", that the bonding between these vacancies can be tuned by the magnetic field. The effect of vacancies decreases when the size of conductor region increases. The theoretical results obtained, can be a base for development in designing graphene nanodevice.


Four-terminal graphene nanodevice; Transport properties; Vacancy; Divacancy


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