Wideband Slotted Planar Inverted-F Antenna using Eccosorb MCS Absorber for Millimeter-Wave Applications

Verma, Akhilesh ; Srinivasa, Raghava Nallanthighal


This work investigates the performance enhancement of the slotted planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) using Eccosorb MCS absorber. In order to check the enhancement of the antenna performance, structure of the PIFA antenna with and without absorber has been analyzed. This antenna structure consists of two slots etched on the patch, which are placed at a height of 0.18λ0 from the substrate. We show that with the application of absorber, the radiation pattern can be transformed and produces the radiation beam in the desired direction. The proposed antenna is loaded with two layers of Eccosorb MCS absorber on the top of the substrate and with the other two layers below the substrate. Apart from providing radiation pattern in the desired direction, the antenna with absorber also provides wideband operation of 57.8 % bandwidth with high gain. The designs were first validated by simulations and then verified by measurements


PIFA Antenna; Eccosorb MCS absorber; Wideband; Millimeter-wave

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