A systematic investigation of structural, optical and magnetic properties of pristine BaFe2O4, Mg and Mg, Cs co-doped in BaFe2-xMgxO4 and Ba1-xCsxFe2-yMgyO4 spinel nanoferrites

Kanagaraj, M


The oxygen annealed barium nanoferrites have been synthesized by the chemical co-precipitation technique integrated with microwave treatment. The effects of doping on structural, optical and magnetic properties have been studied in detail. Powder XRD of the Mg doped and Mg, Cs co-doped BaFe2O4 shows large variation in the crystallite size especially due to the impact of alkali (Mg) and alkali earth metal (Cs) doping in octahedral and tetrahedral sites of the orthorhombic spinel structure. The appropriate atomic compositions and functional groups have been confirmed by the EDX and FTIR spectrums. The structural transformation of substantial nanoparticles to marginal nanorods explicit in the SEM micrograph and the evolution of high band gap have been obtained from the UV-Vis spectra. The magnetic hysteresis in the field range of ±1.5 T at room temperature has revealed the hard ferromagnetic characteristics with large coercivity and remanence for Mg, Cs co-doped BaFe2O4 than other spinel systems.


Magnetic materials; Chemical synthesis; X-ray diffraction; Magnetic properties; Optical properties

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