Oxygen Production Through an Efficient Electrochemical Process

Kumar, Surender ; Kumar, Suneel ; Goswami, Manoj ; Mishra, Smriti ; Singh, Netrapal ; Siddiqui, Hafsa ; Kumar, Satendra ; Chauhan, Viplov ; Sathish, N. ; Khan, Mohammad Akram; Srivastava, Avanish Kumar


Whenever we think about life sustainability, the most crucial thing that comes first in our mind is oxygen. In the current scenario, oxygen production has grown tremendously due to its increasing demand from health sectors: the complexity, availability, and high cost of oxygen taken as a drawback. So, the development of an efficient, durable, and cost-effective oxygen production technology is necessary. Oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is the process of generating molecular oxygen via a chemical reaction. Scientists nowadays focus more on OER-based methods for portable device fabrication to generate breathable oxygen due to its economic and eco-friendly properties. In this article, we demonstrated the simple design and fabrication of an electrochemical-based oxygen evolution setup. The setup involves a plastic jar of (5 Litre) containing 1 M sodium hydroxide (NaOH) aqueous solution, and at the top portion, two holes were created for the immersion of the stainless-steel rod cathode and an anode electrode, which were connected to the power supply. The oxygen generation started in the bubbles form on the supply of voltage of 13V and 9.5A current. The produced oxygen is collected through the plastic tube. It also gives hydrogen, which can be separately stored. At the initial stage, the rate of oxygen production was 2.0 liter/min.



Water splitting; Electrochemical oxygen generator; Electrolyte; Oxygen evolution

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