Effect of quantum correction on thermal instability of self-gravitating two component plasma

Shrivastava, Vijayendra ; Patidar, Ashok Kumar; Pensia, Ram Kumar


The effect of quantum correction on thermal instability of magnetized, viscous self-gravitating two component plasma has been studied by means of linear perturbation analysis. The dispersion relation for longitudinal and transverse mode of propagation has been described and discussed it for some limiting cases. The condition of instability as well as stability of the system has been discussed by applying Routh-Hurwitz criterion. It is found that due to the self-gravitation of the medium, the condition of thermal instability changes into the condition of radiative instability. Quantum parameter affects the condition of radiative instability in both longitudinal and transverse direction of propagation, while the magnetic field affects only in transverse direction. It is concluded that the effect of viscosity, temperature dependent heat-loss function; quantum parameter and magnetic field have a stabilizing influence, while the thermal conductivity and density dependent heat-loss function have destabilizing influence on the Jeans instability.


ISM (Interstellar medium); Viscosity; Thermal Conductivity; Radiative Heat-Loss Function; Quantum Plasma; Collision Frequency

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