Vol 52, No 7 (2014)

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Table of Contents

Nuclear Physics

Measurement of void fraction in pipes by neutron backscattering imaging technique PDF
Osman, Ahmed ; Abdel-Monem, Ashraf ; El Abd, A. 437-443

Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties

Compositional dependence properties change in S40Se60-xSbx alloys PDF
Naik, Ramakanta ; Ganesan, Rajamanickam 444-449

Electromagnetism, Optics, Acoustics, Heat Transfer, Classical Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics

Spatial emission characteristics from electron oscillation driven by a circularly polarized few-cycle laser pulse PDF
Tian, Youwei 450-456

Physics of Gases, Plasmas and Electric Discharges

Effect of quantum correction on thermal instability of self-gravitating two component plasma PDF
Shrivastava, Vijayendra ; Patidar, Ashok Kumar; Pensia, Ram Kumar 465-477
RF plasma polymerization and electrical, optical and structural properties of thin films of poly(o-toluidine) PDF
Islam, Shama ; Lakshmi, G.B.V.S. ; Zulfequar, M. ; Husain, M ; Siddiqui, Azher M 486-490


Facile synthesis of phenolic resin sheets consisting expanded graphite/-Fe2O3/SiO2 composite and its enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding properties
MISHRA, MONIKA ; Singh, Avanish Pratap; Sambyal, Pradeep ; teotia, Satish ; Dhawan, Sundeep Kumar 478-485
Structural and optical properties of vanadium doped akaline earth lead zinc phosphate glasses PDF
Sastry, S. Sreehari; B, Rupa venkateswara Rao 491-498

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (IJPAP)