Exploring Nanocrystalline Europium Titanium Niobate as a Dielectric Resonator

John, Fergy


High dielectric constant and low loss nanocrystalline EuTiNbO6 ceramic was synthesized through a combustion technique. Phase purity, structure and particle size were examined using X-Ray diffraction, Fourier Transform Raman, Infrared spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopic techniques. The X-Ray diffraction study reveals that the sample crystallizes in orthorhombic aeschynite structure without any impurity. The non-agglomerated particles with narrow particle size distribution were observed in the transmission electron micrograph and the average particle size was found to be 25 nm. The sample attained the 98 % of theoretical density when it was sintered at 1150 0C.  The scanning electron micrograph of the sample exhibits non uniform distribution of grains nearly in spherical shape throughout the surface. The Energy dispersive spectrum analysis confirms that the constituent elements are nearly the same atomic percentage as per the chemical formula of the sample. The dielectric properties of the sintered sample were measured in the radio frequency and micro frequency region. The dielectric constant and quality factor of the sample at room temperature are 35 and 23370, respectively. The dielectric studies revealed that the Nano crystalline EuTiNbO6 Ceramic is a promising material for dielectric resonator applications.


Orthorhombic aeschynite structure; Dielectric resonator; Nanocrystalline ceramic; Combustion technique; Dielectric properties

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