MHD flow and heat transfer near the stagnation point of a micropolar fluid over a stretching surface with heat generation/absorption

Jat, Ram Niwas; Saxena, Vishal ; Rajotia, Dinesh


The steady laminar two dimensional stagnation point flow of an incompressible electrically conducting micropolar fluid impinging on a permeable stretching surface with heat generation or absorption in the presence of transverse magnetic field has been studied. The viscous dissipation effect is taken into account. By taking suitable similarity variables, the governing system of partial differential equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations, which are then solved numerically. The effects of various parameters such as the magnetic parameter, the surface stretching parameter, heat generation/absorption coefficient, material parameter, Eckert number and Prandtl number on the flow and heat transfer are presented and discussed graphically.


Micropolar Fluid, MHD, Heat Transfer, Stagnation Point, Stretching Surface

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