Behaviour of acoustical phonons in CeAs in low temperature region

Singh, Devraj


The ultrasonic attenuation of cerium arsenide (CeAs) has been investigated due to electron-phonon interaction (EPI) in the temperature range 10-70 K at magnetic fields 0-15T along <100>, <110> and <111> directions. The second order elastic constants (SOECs) have also been evaluated using Coulomb and Born-Mayer potentials up to second nearest neighbourhood for the computation of ultrasonic properties like ultrasonic velocity and ultrasonic attenuation. The behaviour of ultrasonic attenuation is reciprocal to resistivity for the magnetic fields 0-15T. The nature of attenuation in CeAs is similar to metals, alkali metals and semi-metallics. It is observed that ultrasonic attenuation due to EPI is most significant at 30 K for all the magnetic fields. The available theoretical evidences support the obtained results.


Semi-metallic; Electron-phonon interaction; Elastic properties; Ultrasonic properties

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