Differential Ionization Cross Sections of HCl Molecule

Sharma, Ravinder ; Sharawat, Ritu ; Kumari, Meenakshi ; Kumar, Rajeev


In this article, the differential ionization cross-sections of the HCl molecule in the gas phase is investigated. The single differential ionization cross-section (SDCS) as a function of loss of incident electron energy and Double Differential Cross Section (DDCS) as a function of energy loss of incident electron and incident angle, is calculated. To reach exact values of differential ionization cross sections for HCl molecule, a modified semi-empirical approach of Jain and Khare is used. Partial and total absolute ionization cross-section of HCl is available but there is no data for differential ionization crosssections. So, first time, the results for single and double differential ionization cross-sections for HCl molecule is investigated.


Partial ionization; Single differential ionization; Double differential ionization; Electron impact ionization cross-section

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