Dielectric mixing model for the estimation of complex permittivity of wet soils at C and X band microwave frequencies

Gadani, Deepak H.; Vyas, A. D.


A dielectric mixing model has been developed to calculate the complex permittivity of wet soils at 5.65 GHz (C-band) and 9.5 GHz (X-band) microwave frequencies. The model considers the complex permittivity of dry soil as initial parameter. The complex permittivity of wet soil has been estimated in terms of the complex permittivity of dry soil, the complex permittivity of water at a given microwave frequency of measurement and a parameter dependent on the soil texture. The estimated values are compared with the measured values as well as with the values estimated using two well known models i.e., Wang and Schmugge model and the Hallikainen et al. model. The results are found to be in very good agreement with the measured values.


dielectric; permittivity; soil; moisture; microwave frequency

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