Alpha-Nucleon Scattering by Extended Hulthén Potential

Laha, Ujjwal ; Majumder, M ; Swain, B


The phase shift analysis of any nucleon- nucleon scattering is an important aspect for both local and non-local potentials to know different properties of any nuclear system. The Phase Function Method (PFM) effectively determines the scattering phase shifts for both local and non local potentials. We use PFM for the local extended Hulthén potential and solve the first order phase equation to generate scattering phase shifts for different states of (α-n) and (α-p) systems. We demonstrate the merit of our approach by computing the phase shift data with and without some correction factors and comparing it with standard experimental results.


Phase function method; Hulthén potential; Extended Hulthén potential; Nucleon-nucleus system; Phase shifts

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