Thermodynamic Model to Study the Phase Transition Properties of Sm CA* Phase in Antiferroelectric Mesogen W-358 Series

Singh, Abhilasha ; Rastogi, Ayushi ; R, Shashidhar ; Dixit, Sudhaker


Employing the thermodynamic model which is centred on Landau-de-Gennes theory, the electro-optical properties of the Sm CA* phase in antiferroelectric mesogen has been studied. The wave vector q, the polarisation vector P, and the couplings between these order parameters are used to express the system's free-energy density. The Landau coefficients involved in the free-energy density have been computed using experimental data of tilt angle and spontaneous polarisation in the Sm CA* phase of chiral compounds (6F2OBi and 3F5HBM6(S)). Theoretical and experimental data have been compared in investigations


Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal; Thermodynamic Model; Landau-de-Gennes Theory

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