Error Mitigation of Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm

Kumar, Tarun ; Kumar, Dilip ; Singh, Gurmohan


Grover’s quantum search algorithm delivers quadratic speedup over classical counterparts for finding an item in unstructured database. But the accuracy of the algorithm degrades as the number of qubits are increased. Noises of various types affect the accuracy of the Grover’s algorithm. The imperfect measurement on the qubit results in measurement errors appears to be one of the factors which limit the scalability of near-term quantum devices/algorithms. This paper is focused on the implementation of measurement error mitigation technique on Grover’s algorithm up to 4-qubits. The measurement error mitigation model for Grover’s algorithm is developed and implemented on the real-time quantum computer. The accuracy of Grover’s algorithm up to 4-qubits with and without measurement errors is evaluated and compared. The results indicate that measurement error mitigation technique mitigates the measurement errors of the Grover’s algorithm and improves its accuracy.


Errors; Grover; Oracle; Measurement; Mitigation; Qubit, Noise

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