Medical oxygen a vital in Covid 19 pandemic: production techniques from natural to man-made

Kumar, Surender ; Kumar, Suneel ; Mishra, Smriti ; Goswami, Manoj ; Singh, Netrapal ; Siddiqui, Hafsa ; Kumar, Satendra ; Natarajan, Sathish ; Khan, Mohammad Akram; Srivastava, Avanish Kumar


Oxygen is the most important source for the survival of all living organisms. Our daily activities require energy and itcomes from the food we consume when the oxygen present in our blood burns that food. The deficiency of oxygen disturbsthe entire functioning of organs in the body. Around 50-80% of the natural oxygen production on Earth comes from theocean. The oxygen production from ocean is the result of drifting plants, algae, and some bacteria that can photosynthesize.Oxygen has many applications like chemical processing, medical application, and many more. Different types of methodsare available to produce oxygen at a considerable scale, e.g., cryogenic, pressure swing, electrochemical. In this article, wediscuss the stepwise process of various methods to produce oxygen and the challenges associated with details.


Photosynthesis; Electrolysis; Cryogenic; Adsorption

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