Generating efficient chaos effect in micro channel using electrohydrodynamic theory

Ezazi, Sarang ; Hadji Aghayie Vafaie, Reza


AC electro-osmotic flow is a promising technique in microfluidic manipulation. AC electroosmotic force has been generated inside a novel twisted micro channel in order to overcome the low Reynolds number fluid. The behavior of concentration distribution has been investigated by solving the transient electric field, fluid mechanic and convection-diffusion theory inside the channel. Two particles have been released inside the channel to investigate the efficiency of generated chaotic regime. Velocity streamlines and perturbation of species concentration reveal high performance stirring process which above 95% mixing efficiency achieved for 210 μm channel length. The efficiency increases by increasing the applied voltage amplitude. Geometrical and exciting parameters have been optimized in order to maximize the efficiency of mixing process and avoid electrolysis and sample damage.


MEMS-based mixer; Microfluidic; Chaotic regime; Electro-hydrodynamic force; Electro-kinetic flow

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