Effect of Chemical Reaction and Thermal Radiation on Bio-Magnetic Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Embedded in a Porous Medium

Jena, S ; Mishra, S R ; Sharma, Ram Prakash


The justification of our work is to describe the effects of bio-magnetic viscoelastic fluid flow. Here the study has been investigated with the companionship of a chemical reaction as well as thermal radiation. We consider the medium as a porous medium. By the two-dimensional fluid model, the blood flow is represented. The fluid is assumed as a viscoelastic fluid that consists of the core region suspension of all erythrocytes. By using a suitable method and proper mathematical analysis the model is developed. The velocity, temperature, and concentration coupled nonlinear PDEs are reformed into respective sets of nonlinear ODEs. Then the set of ODEs is solved analytically. The paper is authentic and it has been conducted by graphical representation for different profiles such as momentum, heat, and mass. The computation of skin friction, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number are presented through the tabular form. It has been noticed that the present work excellently agrees with previous work done by Misra and Adhikary [27] for some comparison and it has been treated as a particular case.


Heat transfer; Thermal radiation; MHD; Chemical reaction; Viscoelastic fluid

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