Specific absorbed fraction of energy of silicon-boron alloys

Sathish, K V ; Manjunatha, H C ; Seenappa, L ; Sridhar, K N ; Nagaraj, N ; Cecil Raj, S Alfred


We have studied the energy absorption buildup factors and specific absorbed fraction of energy for the silicon-boron alloys of different composition such as alloy A-Si0.95-B0.05, alloy B- Si0.9-B0.1, alloy C- Si0.8-B0.2, alloy D- Si0.7-B0.3, alloy E- Si0.6-B0.4 and alloy F- Si0.5-B0.5. for wide energy range (0.015–15 MeV) up to the penetration depth of 40 mfp using geometric progression fitting method. Buildup factors increase with the increase in the penetration depth. It has been found that the shielding parameters such as mass attenuation coefficient, effective atomic number and buildup factor values are larger for the silicon-boron alloy Si0.95-B0.05 than the other studied silicon-boron alloys. Specific absorbed fraction of energy is maximum for the silicon-boron alloy Si0.95-B0.05. Hence, we can conclude that the silicon-boron alloy Si0.95-B0.05 is a good absorber of X-rays, gamma and neutrons among the studied alloys. The present study is useful in the field of radiation shielding.


Energy absorption; Buildup factor; Silicon-boron alloys; Radiation shielding

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