Cl, K and Ni induced reactions to synthesis SHN 273Rg

Sowmya, N ; Manjunatha, H C ; Nagaraja, A M ; Dhananjaya, N


We have studied chlorine (Cl), potassium (K) and Nickel (Ni) induced reactions in the synthesis of 273Rg. We have studied the compound nucleus formation probability, survival probability and evaporation residue cross sections to synthesize superheavy element (SHN) 273Rg. The selected projectile-target combinations to synthesis 273Rg are 35,37Cl + 238,236Pu, 39-41K + 234-232U and 63,64Ni + 210,209Bi. From the study of PCN, Psur and σevr we have identified that 35Cl+238Pu is the most suitable projectile-target combination to synthesize 273Rg. We have also compared the present work with the experimental values available in literature.

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