Measurement of 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo reaction cross section and covariance analysis using extended unscented transformation technique at the incident neutron energy of 13.9 MeV

Prasanna Ram, Sangeetha ; Nair, Jayalekshmi ; Suryanarayana, S V ; Singh Dhanu, Laxman ; Naik, Haladhara ; Ganesan, S


In this paper, the measurement and covariance analysis of the cross section of 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo reaction, with the 197Au (n, 2n)196 Au reaction being used as the monitor, at the incident neutron energy of 13.9 MeV is reported. The 3H (d, n) 4He nuclear reaction is used as the neutron source. The experiment was performed at the Purnima neutron facility, BARC.
The method of activation with off-line -ray spectrometry is used. The covariance analysis of the 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo reaction is also performed, for the first time, using the extended unscented transformation (EUT) technique1, which is an extension of unscented transformation (UT) technique2, for the determination of partial uncertainties arising due to attributes in combination with the micro-correlation technique of Geraldo and Smith3. The present results obtained for 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo reaction cross section are found to be in good agreement with EXFOR data and the theoretically calculated value using the TALYS 1. 8 code. Comparisons with the data in the available basic evaluated nuclear data libraries, such as ENDF/B-VIII.0, JEFF-3.3, JENDL-4.0, ROSFOND-2010, CENDL-3.1 and TENDL 2017 are also presented and discussed.


Extended unscented transformation, 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo activation reaction cross-section, Off-line -ray spectrometry, Covariance analysis, TALYS 1.8, ENDF-B/VIII.0

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