Investigation of 14.1 MeV neutrons interaction with C, Mg, Cr

Fedorov, N A ; Dashkov, I D ; Grozdanov, D N ; Kopatch, Yu N ; Ruskov, I N ; Skoy, V R ; Tretyakova, T Yu ; Aliev, F A ; Dabylova, S ; Gundorin, N A ; Hramco, C


This paper is dedicated to n+12C, n+24Mg, n+52Cr -reactions investigation at 14.1 MeV neutron energy. Characteristics of these reactions have been calculated using TALYS code to estimate perspectives of using of this code in data interpretation in the TANGRA project. This project is performed in Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP JINR) to investigate properties of (n,xγ)-type reactions, important for fundamental and practical applications.


Inelastic scattering, 24Mg, 52Cr, 12C

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