Implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation in Evaluation of Uncertainty of Measurement of a Force Transducer

Choudhary, Harshvardhan ; Moona, Girija ; Vaithiyanathan, D ; Kumar, Harish


Force transducers have prominently been utilized in numerous scientific, industrial and metrological applications since decades. They have been developed for the measurement of force in lower as well as the higher capacity to fulfil the industrial and technological requirements. Generally, a force transducer is calibrated as per standard process. For the better perceptive, there is a need of well defined calibration procedure in an organized structure according to standard ISO 376-2011. Also, factors affecting the uncertainty of measurement using law of propagation (LPU) method and their analysis have been discussed. The relative uncertainty contributions due to different factors have been explained with suitable mathematical expression. An alternative approach for evaluating uncertainty of measurement is Monte Carlo Simulation Method (MCS) that assigns probability distribution function (PDF) to input quantities and output. Efforts have been accomplished to determine uncertainty of measurement of force transducer using both methods.


Force transducer, Uncertainty of measurement, Monte Carlo Method

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