Analytical computation of unsteady MHD mixed convective heat transfer over a vertical stretching plate with partial slip conditions

Su, Xiaohong


The analysis of the unsteady MHD mixed convective flow and heat transfer over an impulsively stretched permeable vertical surface in a moving fluid with partial velocity slip and thermal slip conditions in the presence of thermal radiation, internal heat absorption or generation, and injection or suction, has been studied in the present paper. The governing boundary layer equations are converted into a system of nonlinear coupled ordinary differential equations by suitable similarity transformations. The appropriate analytical solutions for the velocity and temperature fields are gotten by the DTM-BF which is an analytical method based on the differential transformation method (DTM) and basis functions. The results obtained by the DTM-BF are in good agreement with those presented by the numerical method. The effects of the various parameters which determine the velocity and temperature fields are shown by plotting graphs and discussed in detail.


Unsteady MHD flow; Heat transfer; Analytical solution; Slip condition

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