Vol 52, No 8 (2014)

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Table of Contents


Measurement of internal pressure and thermal performance in a closed-loop oscillating heat-pipe with check valves (CLOHP/CV) PDF
Sangiamsuk, Satitpong 531-540


Assisted cloning of an arbitrary unknown two-qubit state via a genuine four-qubit entangled state and positive operator-valued measure PDF
Han, Lian Fang 563-570

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Comparative DFT study on reactivity, acidity and vibrational spectra of halogen substituted phenylacetic acids PDF
Srivastava, Ambrish K.; Baboo, Vikas ; Narayana, B. ; Sarojini, B. K.; misra, neeraj 507-519

Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Band gap properties in two-dimensional phononic crystal slabs with neck structures PDF
Yu, Kunpeng ; Chen, Tianning ; Wang, Xiaopeng ; Zhang, Chao 525-530
Estimation of volume dependence of Gr√ľneisen parameter for NaCl and -Fe PDF
KUMAR, SANJAY ; SHARMA, S.K. ; Pandey, O.P. 541-544

Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties

Hydrothermal synthesis of NiFe2O4, Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 and Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4/SrFe2O4: nanostructure, magnetic and dielectric properties PDF
Verma, Kuldeep Chand; Singh, Sukhdeep ; Kotnala, R K; Singh, Manpreet 550-555
Three-input-one-output current-mode universal biquadratic filter using one differential difference current conveyor PDF
Horng, Jiun-Wei. 556-562

Interdisciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology

Bent of plastic optical fiber with structural imperfections for displacement sensor PDF
Arifin, Arifin 520-524
Structural and optical properties of CdS thin film obtained by chemical bath deposition and effect of annealing PDF
Pushpalatha, H L ; Bellappa, S ; Narayan swamy, T N ; Ganesha, R 545-549

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (IJPAP)