Magnetic storm time effect on upper and lower atmosphere: An analysis through GPS and remote sensing observation over Guwahati

Chetia, Bornali ; Devi, Minakshi ; Kalita, Santanu ; Barbara, Ananda Kumar


The role of solar geomagnetic factors on the upper atmosphere is though well studied, their effects at the lower atmosphere are yet to be understood. The paper is an attempt to examine association if any between ionospheric variabilities and lower atmospheric parameters at different solar geomagnetic ambiances. For this purpose total electron content (TEC) data collected at Gauhati University (26°10' N, 91°45' E) from GPS observation and temperature and wind data received from Radiosonde and satellite data are utilized. The study carried out for Low, Medium and High solar activity conditions. The result shows strong association of positive and negative ionospheric effects on tropopause temperature during strong geomagnetic storm situation in high solar ambiances. The possible causes especially related to appleton anomaly crest zone are highlighted.


TEC (total electron content); GPS; Magnetic storm; Tropopause temperature; Wind parameter; Sunspot number

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