Dual-band Perfect Metamaterial Absorber with Polarization Independence and Wide Incidence Angle

Kaur, Kanwar Preet


A dual-band perfect metamaterial absorber based on closed ring resonator structures (CRRs) with polarization independence and wide incidence angle stability is the designed, simulated and the test results are presented in this article. The absorber unit cell is composed of FR-4 dielectric substrate sandwiched between the CRR and ground metal plane. The optimized design is numerically simulated to obtain two absorption peaks of around 99.66% at 1.98GHz and 99.05% at 2.59GHz. The proposed absorber structure exhibits absorption of above 99% for all polarization angle variations. The effect of variations in oblique angle under TE and TM mode configuration on absorption efficiency is presented to support the efficacy of the design. The absorber structure is tested using waveguide measurement method and can be utilized for the absorption of the ambient UMTS band frequencies. The experimental results show fair agreement with the numerically simulated results.


Closed ring resonators, Metamaterial Absorbers, Dual-Band Absorber, Polarization

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