RF radiation from mobile phone towers and their effects on human body

Pachuau, Lalrinthara


In the present paper, power density of RF radiation have been measured in close proximity (less than 50m) to mobile base station (GSM 900) at the selected locality in Aizawl (23044′53.5″N 92043′29.4″E),, Mizoram, India, which was erected in 2006. Frequency spectrum was analysed at different sites. Questionnaire was conducted on different health problems faced by the inhabitants living near the base station. Different symptoms of RF exposure on human body are thoroughly studied and the result is analysed based on sex. The measured power densities have been compared with standard limits given by various international authorities like International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), Bioinitiative Report 2012 and with the current National Standards. This study is the first time in the state ever.


RF, Non ionizing radiation, Power density, Frequency spectrum, based stations.

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