Vol 43, No 2 (2014)

Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics

Table of Contents


Evolution of solar indices during the maximum of solar cycle 24 PDF
Kane, R P 151-155
Galactic cosmic rays, TSI, sunspots,and Earth surface air temperature PDF
Ahluwalia, H S 141-150
Carbonaceous Aerosols at an Urban Residential Site in Agra PDF
Meena, Rajneesh Kumar; Satsangi, Aparna ; Lakhani, Anita ; Kumari, K. Maharaj 156-162
RF radiation from mobile phone towers and their effects on human body PDF
Pachuau, Lalrinthara 186-189

Diagnostic and statistical approach to the validation of Doppler radar rainfall around Chennai during 2006-2010
Amudha, B ; Raj, Y E A ; Thampi, S B; Ramanathan, RM A N 163-177

Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (IJRSP)