Some results of Schumann resonance studies at a low latitude station Agra, India during post period of solar cycle minimum 2008-2009

SINGH, BIRBAL ; Pundhir, Devbrat


The characteristics of Schumann resonance (SR) have been studied at a low latitude station Agra (Geograph. lat. 27.2oN, long. 78oE), India and the results obtained during two periods (01 April, 2007-31 March, 2008 and 01 March, 2011-29 February, 2012) corresponding to pre and post period of solar cycle minimum (SCM) of 2008-2009 are compared. Our results show that (i) there is a shift in the (ii) peak thunderstorm activity from the month of July in the pre-SCM to August in post-SCM, (iii) the first mode frequency increases with the increasing SCM, and there are distinct drops in the frequency range dF1 in the months of August and December, 2012 corresponding to effective lightning areas during the post-SCM. We also study the seasonal variation of first mode SR frequency and show theoretically it’s dependence on source-observer distance.


Schumann resonance; low latitude station; pre and post period of SCM

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