An updated model of O+(2P) 7320 Å dayglow emission

Thirupathaiah, P ; Dharwan, Maneesha ; Singh, Vir


A comprehensive model is developed using the updated rate coefficients and transition probabilities to study the O+(2P) 7320 Å dayglow emission. The solar EUV fluxes calculated using the Solar Irradiance Platform (SIP) are incorporated into the model. The neutral atmospheric parameters are adopted from the NRLMSISE-00 model. The ionospheric parameters are adopted from the IRI-07 model. The measurements as provided by instruments onboard Atmosphere Explorer-C satellite, Dynamics Explorer-2 spacecraft and Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite are used to validate the model results. It has been found that the emission rates computed using the present model are in good agreement with the measurements. It is also found that the present model results are in better agreement with the measurements in comparison with the earlier models. The model results show that the updated rate coefficients and transition probabilities are quite consistent with each other and may be used in the aeronomical studies.


Airglow emission, solar EUV radiation flux, O+(2P) 7320 Å dayglow emission, volume emission rate

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