Kinetic Alfven wave with loss-cone distribution function in the presence of beam velocities in an inhomogeneous magnetosphere

Dwivedi, A.K. ; Kumar, Sunil ; Tiwari, M.S.


Kinetic Alfven waves in the presence of an inhomogeneous electric field applied perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field with loss-cone distribution function and ion and electron beam are investigated. The particle aspect approach is adopted to investigate the trajectories of charged particles in the electromagnetic field of a kinetic Alfven wave. Expressions are found for the field-aligned current, the perpendicular current and the dispersion relation. The growth/damping rate of the wave is obtained by an energy conservation method. The effect of electron and ion beam, steepness of loss-cone and inhomogeneity of electric field are discussed. The plasma under consideration is assumed to be anisotropic and with low-b. The results are interpreted for the space plasma parameter appropriate to the auroral acceleration region of the earth’s magnetosphere.


Kinetic Alfven wave, electric field inhomogeneity, ion and electron beam, loss-cone distribution function, auroral currents.

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