Sensory and Nutritional quality of  Moringa Oleifera Leaf  powder incorporated Multi-millet Ready to Eat (RTE) snack

MOUNIKA, MEKALA ; TV, Hymavathi ; Barbhai, Mrunal Deepak


The present study aimed at developing value-added multi-millet ready to eat (RTE) snacks  incorporated with Moringa Oleifera (Drumstick) leaf powder (MOLP) with different variations viz.,0%, 5%, 10% 15% and evaluate sensory and nutritional properties. The sensory evaluation revealed that newly formulated 5% MOLP snacks  had higher overall sensorial acceptability after control product.  Besides, nutritional values also demonstrated that MOLP (15%) incorporated multi millet snacks contained abundant minerals like iron 99.09+ 0.6 mg/kg, zinc 20.27+0.3 mg/kg, calcium 4374+22.7mg/kg. The protein (9.681+0.01g/100g) and antioxidants (230.6+0.46 µg/100 g) content was also significantly (p>0.05) higher compared to control. The results suggested that incorporation of Moringa powder in RTE snacks production could be used to develop functional food with enhanced minerals, protein and antioxidants.


Calcium, Drumstick, Iron, Millet, Moringa leaf powder, Sensory characteristics, Zinc

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